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National Instruments

Realizing greater efficiency & demand with Certain


National Instruments, the global leader in test, measurement and control solutions was undergoing a worldwide digital transformation strategy and Certain was there to help.

Why Certain?

“Certain allows us to bring global events into our overall go-to-market strategy with the strength of their integrations and ability to support all types of events.”

Helena Lewis, Chief-Marketing Operations & Technology, National Instruments


The Challenge?

Event build, promotion and follow-up is incredibly manual

National Instruments hosts thousands of in-person events annually, but has no consistent process or method in executing the build, promotion and follow-up from these events

  • Significant portion of their discretionary program budget is spent on events
  • Thousands of emails created for events – often manually
  • Took up to 14 days to follow up on leads generated from events

The Solution

Need an end-to-end event technology that integrates well with existing tools

National Instruments wanted to make events an integrated part of their overall digital marketing strategy, and to do so they needed an event solution that could fit seamlessly with other components of their technology stack. Certain was the clear choice.

  • Certain provides enterprise-scale, flexibility and native integration with NI’s marketing automation system
  • Captures greater data and insights on NI’s event attendees
  • NI able to fully automate the lead follow-up process from their global events


National Instruments realizing substantial cost savings and acceleration of leads through use of Certain.

Ready to make Certain work for your events?


Personalize event experiences and provide meaningful connections that accelerate your business goals.

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