In this Event and Marketing Automation quiz, test your knowledge and learn best practices for all stages of the event lifecycle.

  • Learn best practices for targeting and segmenting your audience
  • Discover how to lead effective marketing campaigns
  • Find out how to capture up to 300 data points to maximize event ROI
  • Guide your prospect forward through the buyer lifecycle
1 When segmenting your marketing database for an event, best practices include segmentation of your target attendees by:
2 Before the event, when leading an email marketing campaign, what are the best steps to increase the likelihood of registration and attendance?
3 What are ways to capture attendee insights, interests, and buying signals during an event?
4 How can you use your marketing automation system and event automation platform to reach out to your attendees during and after the event?
5 After an event, what are the best practices in order to move your prospect forward through the buying cycle?
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6 What general marketing field are you in?
7 What do you primarily use mobile apps for at your events?
8 What technology do you use to manage your database of record?
9 How do you measure event success?
10 If you’re not using event management software, what are you using?
11 What kind of events do you primarily plan?
12 What is the most effective tool you use to promote your event?
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