Event Automation Beyond event management software for data‑driven marketers and event professionals

The power you need to convert more attendees into customers.

Certain gives you everything you need to plan events, engage attendees, and achieve sales and marketing results. Event management becomes more efficient. Your events are personalized to each attendee. Rich buying signals and attendee insights flow directly into your omni-channel marketing campaigns. All with very little extra work.

Increase Revenue

Capture valuable attendee insights and buying signals.

Never lose sight of your prospects as they navigate through your event—before, during, and after. Use this insight to better understand your attendees and where they are in their buying process. Capture and score attendee activities for targeted follow up campaigns. And integrate attendee insights into omni-channel marketing campaigns to enrich your entire marketing program. Need to prove the ROI of your events? Certain seamlessly integrates with your marketing automation and CRM systems so measuring ROI is easier than ever.


How you'll benefit

  • Capture buying signals to increase conversions
  • Inform future sales and marketing decisions
  • Grow sales pipeline and accelerate the sales cycle
  • Improve overall marketing performance

Engage Your Buyer

Provide personalized attendee experiences to increase brand loyalty and customer retention. Leverage real-time data to effectively guide attendees through the event lifecycle. Put your event in the palm of the hand with a built-in and responsive mobile app. And maintain complete control over your brand across every event touchpoint. This, and so much more.


How you'll benefit

  • Increase attendee engagement
  • Optimize the attendee experience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost brand loyalty and customer retention

Scale Your Events

Say goodbye to redundant work, data entry, spreadsheet upon spreadsheet, and manual lead follow up... Certain makes flawless events a reality and frustrating manual tasks a thing of the past. Clone past events to make your next event that much easier to organize. Analyze event spend with a few clicks. And rely on fully-integrated check-in and registration to meet even the most challenging requirements. Worried about outgrowing Certain? Never. Enterprise-level scalability means Certain can go with you to the moon.


How you'll benefit

  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Scale and grow your event program across the enterprise
  • Save time, costs, and labor
  • Eliminate frustrating manual processes
  • Justify budget for future events

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Expert Services  & Support

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Partners & Integrations

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