Advanced Lead Scoring

Use Event Data to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Attendees tell you a lot about themselves at your event, like what products they’re interested in and if they’re ready to purchase. Are you taking advantage of this data by pushing it into your marketing automation or CRM system?

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Enhance Your Lead Scoring

Certain captures all of the attendee touchpoints at your event. This interest-based activity data can help you fine-tune your lead scoring and provide actionable insights to sales and marketing.

  • Know which sessions participants attended to gauge interests
  • See how they answered session polls, and if they asked questions
  • Review who they met with, and add appointment ratings into the lead score

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

You now have incredibly rich data just waiting for action. You can either send generic event follow up emails, or hyper-target your campaigns.

  • Get a specific message to the right person at the right time to move them to the next step of the sales funnel
  • Pre-configure triggered emails in your marketing automation system based on who did what at your event
  • Follow up with relevant and valuable content

Create a More Complete Profile for More Successful Follow Up

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