Branding Control

Showcase Your Brand

Your brand should be front and center for your event – not ours. Using Certain, you can be sure that every event site and page reflects your brand and message.

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Consistently Reflect Your Brand

You never have to compromise on the branding of your event websites or registration pages. Many Certain customers have strict branding guidelines – Certain gives you complete control over the brand experience from end to end, including:

  • Event websites and registration forms that meet your branding guidelines
  • Email communications that look like they’re coming from your business
  • Mobile applications consistent with your event’s look and feel

Limitless Design Options

Your event communications should also reflect your company or event’s design guidelines. Certain won’t box you into using a pre-designed template, allowing you to get exactly the look and structure you want.

  • Take advantage of nearly limitless design flexibility
  • Use a visual editor to edit content within the Certain platform
  • Input your custom CSS and HTML files for the greatest control over the look and feel of your event

Save Hassle by Copying

Don’t start from scratch with each event! If you have repeated events, create it once then copy it.

  • Copy reg forms, emails and websites
  • Use dynamic data fields to change the date and location automatically
  • Create an event that field offices can copy to ensure adherence to your guidelines

Take Complete Control of Your Branding

Ensure that attendees get a consistent experience at all touchpoints.

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