Event Mobile Experience

An Event Mobile App Isn’t Just a ‘Nice-to-Have’ Part of Your Event Anymore – It’s a Must-Have Feature

Your attendees rely on their mobile devices for just about everything when they’re on the road. The same applies when they attend events.

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Deliver on Attendee Expectations

Attendees expect to be able to find everything they need to know directly from their mobile device, including:

  • Easy access to their personal agendas and relevant content
  • Fast access to event locations and venue points of interest
  • An always up-to-date listing of event information, speakers, and other attendees
  • The ability to interact and connect with other attendees
  • An easy way to participate and provide event feedback

Collect Valuable Feedback

Interact with attendees during the event to foster greater engagement.

  • Conduct live polling to better understand audience demographics, opinions, and expectations
  • Manage Questions & Answer sessions directly from the mobile app
  • Survey attendees about the quality of sessions while it’s still fresh in their minds

Easily Create an Integrated Mobile Event App

Certain Mobile lets you easily configure branded and personalized mobile apps directly from the Certain Platform. Simply configure your branding elements, turn on the relevant content pages for each type of attendee and your app is ready to go. Certain Mobile makes it easy to mobile-enable every event.

Event Apps for Any Device

Is it better to create native apps for iOS and Android devices, or deploy an HTML5 app that works across mobile browsers? With Certain, you can choose the approach that makes the most sense for each event.

  • An HTML5 mobile app offers an easy, low-cost way to mobile-enable any event. Certain’s HTML5 app uses mobile device web browsers to give event attendees the personalized detail and on-the-go functionality they need to be successful at your event.
  • Need more advanced features like offline functionality, push notifications, or 1-to-1 meetings? Configure native apps directly in your Certain account, quickly and easily.

Engage Attendees with Mobile Apps

The right mobile app can make your event more successful by increasing attendee engagement and creating more networking opportunities. Even if you don’t have unlimited time or resources for creating mobile apps, Certain can help.

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