Event ROI

Prove Your Effectiveness

ROI is a scary concept for event marketers. Unlike digital campaigns, we have no way to measure much of what we do. Events by their nature live offline and are therefore not quantifiable, right? That used to be true, but Certain has bridged the data chasm.

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Bring Events Online

  • Capture all attendee touchpoints at your event
  • Use Certain’s integration to sync this data with your marketing automation and CRM systems, automatically
  • Attendee activities enhance lead scoring and reporting

Show Credible ROI

Event ROIs are only credible to the CMO/CFO if they are determined the same way as digital campaign ROIs. Get your share of the marketing dollars by proving that events work using the same methodology as other digital campaigns.

  • Include Certain event data in attribution models in Oracle|Eloqua and Marketo
  • Link event touchpoints to sales and revenue in CRM
  • Calculate event ROI and contribution to sales with the same confidence as other campaign types

Show Your Event’s True ROI with Certain

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