Personalized Agendas

Make It Easy for Attendees to Meet Their Event Goals

Attendee satisfaction is one of the major indicators of event success. Personalize it for them from the start.

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Help Attendees Plan for Success

Show your attendees that you understand their needs by helping them build a useful agenda

  • Use information from your marketing automation or CRM systems to segment attendees by role, industry, interest, stage in the buying cycle, or other attributes.
  • Reach out with suggestions for the sessions, activities or networking opportunities they will find most helpful.

One Source for All Their Event Info

Attendees expect personalization and easy access to the info they need to be successful at your event.

  • Each attendee can access their personal schedule and relevant info right from their mobile phone or laptop
  • Attendees can add or remove sessions from their schedules to create the experience that’s perfect for them

Give Your Attendees the Content they Need

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