Event Session Management

Session Management Made Easy

Your attendees expect easy access to great content. Certain makes it easy organize and schedule your sessions.

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Build Your Event Agenda

As your event grows in size, the number of sessions may become daunting to manage and schedule. The traditional scheduling method of shuffling paper stickies on the wall doesn’t cut it. Ditch the stickies and use an online solution that works.

  • Create session tracks that align with your products or attendee types.
  • Simply drag sessions into timeslots and locations to build your agenda.
  • Easily identify tracks by color-coding them.

Give Attendees the Content They Need

Help your attendees get the most possible value from your event by making it easy to find the sessions most relevant to them:

  • Recommend sessions based on their attendee type.
  • Make it easy for attendees to personalize their own agenda with powerful search and sort capabilities.

Understand Attendee Interests

Gather the data you need to refine interest and lead scoring for more targeted and effective follow-up:

  • Tag sessions based on products, business units, or any other category.
  • Weight sessions with a point value to indicate the level of importance or degree of attendee interest in a particular topic.
  • Track session registration and attendance to compile an attendee’s interest scores.
  • Integrate attendee interest scores with your marketing automation platform for targeted event follow-up and lead scoring.

No More Sticky Notes on the Wall!

With Certain, just drag and drop to create your tracks and session schedules.

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