Hotel and Venue Sourcing

Find the Right Venues

Choosing the right venue is critical to your event — to both meet your logistical needs and reinforce your brand. Certain has partnered with Meetingselect, a specialist in connecting event marketers and meeting planners with inspiring meeting venues. Meetingselect offers the best online venue sourcing & booking tool with more than 500.000 meeting spaces and hotels worldwide.

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Find a Great Venue or Hotel

Source and book venues and hotels at the right price, quickly.

  • Research, price and book venues and group reservations through Meetingselect’s online booking tool
  • Fast hotel response
  • Personalized venue-finding support from meeting experts

Get Control of Costs

  • Automate processes to reduce costs
  • Save time and money by reducing manual data entry
  • Easily track spending and savings with included reporting

Get the Best Locations for Your Budget

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