event management software for field marketing events

Event Software for Field Marketing

A non-technical staff person can set-up and launch your next field marketing event in 5 minutes! Whether you host five events or 500, Certain's field marketing solution makes them easier to plan and execute.

Easily replicate events.

Custom event template

Create an event template using your design and branding specifications.

Cloning interface

Copy a previous event and enter the date, time and location. These details will automatically populate on all digital touchpoints including email, websites, and forms.

Provide access to regional marketing managers.

Subaccounts with specific permissions

Subaccounts provide the ability to replicate previous events, access templates, forms, etc. so regional marketers can plan and execute their own events.

Promote events.

Event websites

Create as many websites as you need to segment and communicate with your audiences.

Email communications

Send personalized emails to generate excitement and to remind attendees of important info.

Streamline the attendee experience.

Online registration

Easily create or replicate branded event registration forms. Logic lets you show only relevant information to each invitee.

Integrated Event Check-In

Impress attendees with a fast and personal event check-in experience while capturing and delivering valuable data to drive real-time sales and marketing engagement. Learn more about Event Check-In.

Accelerate your sales cycle.

Attendee activity reporting

Knowing which sessions participants attended at your event is a huge indicator of their interests. Certain captures this data so you can create more detailed lead scoring.

Push data back into CRM/MA

Don't let event data slip away. Through integration with your MA platform, Certain will push all attendee event data into their profiles, so you can follow up more effectively.