user conference software

User Conference Management Technology

Your user conference is complex, expensive, and highly visible. Certain's User Conference Management Software will not only help you flawlessly execute the logistics of your event, but also provide an engaging experience for all attendees, maximizing the value of your event for all stakeholders.

Flawlessly manage all event logistics.

Online registration

Easily create branded event registration forms. Logic lets you show only relevant information to each invitee. Learn more about Certain Registration®.

Travel and accommodation

Manage travel, flight arrangement, hotel blocks and sub-blocks. You can even manage roommate matching.

Transactional emails

Schedule and send registration confirmation, session info, badges and reminders. Learn more about Certain's event email marketing.

Call for papers/speaker management

User conferences need great content. Manage your call for papers, approval process, and speaker info in one spot. Learn more about speaker management.

Session management, including drag-and-drop scheduler

No more Excel sheets, sticky notes, and headaches. Just drag-and-drop sessions onto a grid to assign rooms and create a schedule. Learn more about session management.

Modern user interface

Our streamlined interface guides you through your event creation and planning, step-by-step.

Secure payment processing

Certain is PCI-DSS 2.0 compliant so you can rest assured financial data is secure. Learn more.

Integrated Event Check-In

Impress attendees with a fast and personal event check-in experience while capturing and delivering valuable data to drive real-time sales and marketing engagement. Learn more about Event Check-In.

Real-time reporting

Stay on top of all event and attendee details with out-of-the-box and advanced customized reporting. Learn more about event reporting and intelligence.

Increase attendee engagement and satisfaction.

Session recommendations

Use profile data you already have from your marketing automation system or collect during registration to recommend relevant sessions and content for each attendee. Learn more about attendee engagement.

Email marketing

Send targeted email blasts to encourage attendees to register with integrated email marketing powered by ExactTarget. Learn more about event email marketing.

Session polling

Using Certain's mobile app, allow speakers to encourage participation and engage the audience.


Either right at the end of the session or after the event, get feedback from attendees on what they liked or didn't to ensure they come back next year.

Eliminate a "one-size-fits-all" experience.

Personalized attendee agendas

Give attendees easy access to their event agenda including sessions & 1-to-1 meeting schedules, activities, travel and accommodations. Learn about Event Views.

Pre-show targeted content delivery

Treat each attendee like your conference is for them alone! Share targeted content before the event by using profile info in your marketing automation platform or info they provide during registration.

1-to-1 meetings

One of the main reasons for attending events is to network with others. Make this happen for all attendees by using Certain's appointment scheduling capabilities. Learn about 1-to-1 appointments.

Mobile apps with tailored event content

Tailor the mobile app experience based on attendee types so attendees receive targeted information upon login. Learn about Certain's event mobile apps.

Incorporate user conferences into broader corporate and marketing initiatives.

Push data back into CRM/Marketing Automation

Events are often treated as silos and not integrated with other marketing campaigns. Push all attendee interest and activity data into your MA platform so you can enhance their profiles and automate post-event follow-up.

Reflect your event or corporate brand.

Advanced branding capabilities

Your user conference is an extension of your company. Our advanced branding capabilities make it blend seamlessly with all of your other customer touchpoints.

Increase exhibitor, sponsor and partner value.

Exhibitor management

Manage staff schedules, view calendars, and coordinate collection of exhibitor information such as logo, audio/visual needs, and bios.

Additional sponsor opportunities

Happy sponsors increase the odds that they'll participate again next year. Provide more exposure for your sponsors with branding opportunities in the mobile app and event website.

Accelerate your sales cycle.

sales cycle

Attendee interest and activity tracking

Your attendees tell you a lot about their interests and purchase intent by what they do at your event. Use this rich behavioral data to refine interest and lead scoring for more targeted and effective follow-up.

Lead scoring

Knowing which sessions participants attended at your event is a huge indicator of their interests. Certain captures this data so you can create more detailed lead scoring.

Targeted nurture campaigns and sales & marketing follow-up

Based on attendee interests, send more targeted nurture campaigns and automate relevant sales & marketing follow-up.