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Convert event engagement to event metrics


Events, like roadshows and conferences, are offline activities. Traditionally, its been difficult to measure and prove this kind of offline effectiveness. Certain converts offline engagement into data signals through our native, bi-directional integrations with marketing automation platforms like Oracle Eloqua and Marketo to bridge this data chasm.

Why Certain Integrations?

Share data between Certain and your marketing technology stack

Certain’s solution includes true bi-directional and native integrations, not just connectors. Certain fits seamlessly into your marketing technology ecosystem and allows you to truly automate the capture and flow of data from your events. Now you can treat events just like you do your other marketing campaigns.


Event Data

Accelerate your sales cycle with timely event data

Your attendees tell you a lot about themselves by what they do at your event. We’ll help you enhance your lead scoring by sending this valuable info to your MA and CRM systems where you can immediately put it to work.

  • Capture activity (sessions attended, demo views, meetings with sales)
  • Pre-configure campaigns to encourage action, while actually at your event
  • Send personalized post event offers based on attendee engagement

Credible Event ROI

Solve tracking event performance with credible metrics

All marketers know the challenges of arriving at an accurate event ROI number. This is especially true for offline activities like events. With Certain, you can deliver a credible ROI number to your CMO and CFO.

Incorporate campaign data provided by Certain, and revenue data (often provided by CRM) into attribution and event ROI calculations in Oracle Eloqua and Marketo.


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