Attendee Engagement

Engaging Your Event Attendees

The ultimate measure of an event’s success is the attendee experience.  You may have designed and executed the perfect event but if the attendees are not satisfied it will be all for naught.  You can’t leave that up to chance. Find ways to engage and interact with attendees throughout the entire event lifecycle – from initial outreach to post-event communications.



Deliver personalized experiences
As your conference grows in size, deliver a more intimate environment by tailoring the event experience to meet the needs of your attendees.  Successful engagement begins with personalization – and to personalize, you need to understand the attendee.

  • Create attendee profiles. Combine information from marketing automation or CRM systems with event-generated data to create rich attendee profiles. Use these profiles to segment attendees by role, industry, interest, stage in the buying cycle, or other attributes.
  • Reach out with relevant content. Use attendee profiles to guide people to the sessions, activities or networking opportunities they will find most helpful.  Engage attendees in relevant social media groups to start the conversation before attendees arrive at the event.
  • Create personalized Event Views™. Provide attendees with a personalized, online source of all their important event information and content, tailored to their specific profile, interests and preferences so you can help them achieve their event objectives.

Enable the right connections
Use 1-to-1 Meeting capabilities to help attendees make the right connections at your event.

  • Use automated appointment matching to match attendees based on a list of their top requests
  • Offer attendees the ability to create meetings on their own with Self-Scheduled Appointments

Encourage participation
Be creative about encouraging active participation at the event itself.

  • Use mobile applications to engage attendees with real-time session rating, Twitter feeds and other social media integrations.
  • Add competitions and games through mobile apps to increase engagement.

Learn more about how personalized event experiences will increase engagement and drive event success and download the white paper, "Attendee Engagement in a Value-Driven Era"


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