Branded Community Sites Facilitate Deeper Attendee Engagement

Give access to groups, discussions, on demand videos of sessions, training, and keynote speakers for those who missed out or want to continue the conversation. This virtual world is provided to extend the reach of your event. Whether your attendees are across the globe or down the hall, they can experience your culture and messaging within the virtual walls of your community.

Rich community features delivering greater event value:

  • Networking Lounge with integrated group and private chat
  • Private Briefcase for collecting business cards, content and sites of interest
  • Forum for structured asynchronous conversations, with moderator support
  • Twitter board for broad social media marketing
  • Attendee public profiles integrated with LinkedIn
  • One-click translation of all content into attendee native language
  • Resource Center for sharing video, podcasts and documents with attendees
  • Secure and configurable as open-to-public, registration-payment based or invitation-only

Virtual communities provide an additional channel for networking and revenue generation. Request a demo today and start driving more value and connections at your next event.