Email Marketing

Add Email Marketing to your Event Platform


Email is a critical part of your event marketing and communications. Given the importance of email deliverability in the execution of a successful event, Certain offers two options for email.  An integrated email marketing solution through a partnership with ExactTarget™ is typically used for driving event attendance. You can always choose to use your existing email marketing or marketing automation platform and easily communicate important event data with Certain.

Certain also has an email capability primarily used for communicating with attendees once they have registered.  As an event owner, you might want to remind attendees to sign up for sessions or send them important event updates. The Certain email is fully integrated and ensures that your attendees are well aware of everything they need to know in order to be successful at your event.

With email marketing from ExactTarget, you can simplify the process of marketing your events while making sure attendees get the information they need.

  • Use email templates and custom HTML to maintain a consistent brand image from emails to click-through pages.
  • Create and manage lists based on customer segments and attendee profiles, so each attendee receives targeted, relevant content.
  • Link email campaigns to specific event landing pages or Event Views.
  • Track and monitor campaign effectiveness with detailed email reporting and click-through metrics.

For more information on how email marketing can improve the effectiveness of your event marketing campaigns, contact sales or request a demo today.