API & Adapters – Enterprise Connectivity

Integrate Events with Your Other Business Applications

Certain gives you the ability to integrate event data with other business applications so your event planning and marketing functions match your business needs. For example:

  • Simplify/streamline registration: Use customer information to pre-populate registration forms for fast, accurate registrations.
  • Improve attendee segmentation and event personalization: Use insight from CRM or Marketing Automation (MA) systems to segment attendees, delivering tailored and targeted sites and programs.
  • Get more value from event data: Feed additional data about attendees into marketing automation or CRM systems; determine the best event follow-up in marketing or sales
  • Streamline your event processes: Integrate with financial systems for streamlined budgeted and expense tracking.

With Certain, you can make sure that your events are tightly integrated with enterprise applications, including financial, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, travel and hospitality and email/messaging applications.

Use Prebuilt Connectors
Certain offers prebuilt integrations (connectors) for the following popular applications:


Using these connectors, you can quickly and easily integrate the Certain platform with your customer databases and marketing programs. The connectors are highly configurable, so you can support custom fields and capabilities.

Build Your Own Integration with the Certain API
Partners can access Certain’s Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate their applications with the Certain event management platform. The REST-based API uses HTTP-based operations for simple, two-way data integration capabilities.

To learn more about how Certain’s native integrations with Eloqua and Marketo will bring your events into your broader marketing and organizational initiatives, download the free white paper: The Power of Integrated Marketing.