Manage Events More Effectively

Bring operational efficiency and value to your event with robust planning and collaboration tools. Certain enables event professionals to manage projects and timelines, increase visibility into spend, and employ best practices consistently at every event. Collaborate across all organizational departments on everything from initial proposals and attendee activity reports to the final analysis of meeting costs.

With Certain's planning and collaboration tools, you will:

  • Align with your organizational hierarchy and business processes through subaccounts, user-level management, API integration, and customizable reporting
  • Easily collaborate with key players throughout the event with task, supplier, and document management tools
  • Share critical data and gain visibility into spending with real-time budgeting and roll-up reporting
  • Streamline and centralize multi-level request and approval processes for events, speakers, or papers.
Certain takes meeting planning to a new level of intelligent organization and collaboration.  By eliminating inefficiency and disparate systems, organizations can ensure smooth event execution, focus their resources, and make more informed decisions.Request a demo today to see how Certain Planning will increase productivity across events by promoting efficient and smart event management.