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Marketing Automation Webinar

The single best way to bridge the chasm and bring the power of event data to your marketing program is to connect event management and marketing automation through a seamless integration. Doing so will bring two of your enterprise systems—events and marketing—together for data sharing, profile building, lead scoring and nurturing, and a more complete view of ROI.

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Check In Easy Sign-and-Go is Here

Join founder, Justin Baer for a simple step by step tutorial on how to use Check In Easy Sign-and-Go. For the first time event planners can eliminate the mess of managing, collecting, storing and handling paper sign in sheets at events.

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Content for Conversion

In this webinar, we take a comprehensive look at why a content strategy for your events is so important and walk through in detail exactly how you can leverage content before, during, and after the event.

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How to Create Powerful Event Experiences

Events offer powerful opportunities to gather truly insightful data about your prospects and customers. From registration to on-site attendance attendee behaviors, the partnership of Validar and Certain allows you to capture and leverage rich attendee data to personalize the event experience and improve sales and marketing follow-up.


How To Craft an Effective Mobile Event App Strategy

You know you need to have a mobile component to your events (your attendees will have at least one device in their hands), but what options are available? How much time and money is involved? Will your attendees use and appreciate it? And most of all, how can you cut through the hype and get down to what really matters—what you actually need from a mobile app?


Get More from Your Events with Marketo

There’s no question that your event manager is hosting great events, but as a marketer are you getting all that rich attendee data from events into your marketing programs in order to drive revenue faster? Learn how having an integrated event platform designed for marketers will move your events from being a black hole to being fully integrated with Marketo.


How to Have a Mobile App at All Your Events

Certain and AA Site Builders demonstrate how you can and should have a mobile app at every event. Whether it’s a sales kickoff, roadshow, customer event or conference, we have the answer to including a mobile app without depleting your budget or adding another big project to your plate.


Designing Exceptional User Conferences

Certain, Marketo, Ellen Michaels Presents, and Influitive explore how to effectively design exceptional user conferences. Understand the challenges involved in modern user conferences; learn how to leverage the latest technology to manage and elevate your event; and discover how to create exceptional conference experiences for all attendees.


Sourcing Strategies & Technologies for Today

In this Event Success Hub webinar, Certain and Lanyon explore sourcing for today’s events. You’ll learn how sourcing has changed and new considerations you should make; how to develop a strategy that addresses the needs of every stakeholder’s goals; and how to leverage the latest sourcing technology efficiently and strategically.


Data – Empowering Intelligent Events

Learn from Zoominfo and Certain how to go beyond standard data collection to not only gather a deeper set of behavioral and activity data throughout your event, but enrich your event data even before a single attendee shows up.


Advocates – The Key to Future Event Success

In this webinar Influitive’s VP of business development, Chris Newton, and Certain marketing manager, Patrick Cava, and learn how to apply smart and effective advocate marketing using the latest technology to ensure your events fully leverage the advocates you already have and win new ones.


Content: Optimizing the Events Channel

Events are opportunities to connect individuals in meaningful engagements. However, they are also one of the greatest content delivery channels. In this webinar Certain, Kapost, and Marketo explore the best practices to maximize the effectiveness of content at your events.