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Event Planning App for Field Events

All field events easily planned, executed & repeated


You need to ensure the success of a number of field events across different locations in a short amount of time. Is it time to panic? Not with Certain’s ability to help you easily set up, launch and replicate events. With our event planning app, you’ll see greater results whether you’re hosting 5 events or 5000.

Why Certain Event Automation for your Field Events?

Easily replicate successful events and watch as you accelerate the sales cycle across the globe

With Certain Event Automation, you can plan, manage and execute many events across the globe while also ensuring you are driving a return on your investment back into your business.


Templated Events

Easily plan, promote and clone your field marketing events

Leverage pre-built event templates and replicate your events with the push of a button so you can manage more events with greater efficiency.

  • Create custom event templates or use pre-built templates
  • Copy prior event templates and manage multiple field events
  • Create multiple forms and websites based on your individual event needs

Real-time Attendee Insights

Exceed your field marketing lead and conversion goals

Capture more attendee insights and share in real-time with your marketing automation platform. Follow up with the right offer at the right time.

  • Greater insight on how your attendees engage with you at field events
  • Push data captured from field events into marketing automation and CRM so you and your sales teams can follow up more effectively
  • Track registration, attendance and interest data so you can create more detailed lead scoring


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