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The Chasm between Marketing and Events: What to Do About It

+-*The single best way to close the chasm and bring the power of event data to your marketing programs is to connect event management and marketing automation through a seamless integration.

How Event Data Can Deliver Your Most Qualified Leads

+-*Because events enable face to face conversations where key data is captured on prospects, events can provide your most qualifies leads.

Personalization and Engagement and Lead Gen, Oh My!

+-*This year’s Marketing Nation Summit (#MKTGnation) is about to kick off and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of this powerful marketing event.

What Your Sales People Want from Your Next Event

+-*Sales is ultimately in charge of closing deals, they’re going to come at the event with that goal at the forefront but marketing needs to share that goal as well. With this in mind, consider these three sales “wants”:

What to Expect from Certain at Modern Marketing Experience #MME2015

+-*Modern Marketing Experience 2015 is right around the corner! We’re excited to showcase our integration with Oracle Marketing App Cloud at the conference.

Certain and the Future of Marketing: Why I’m in.

+-*This is my first blog as Chief Revenue Officer of Certain, so I thought I would talk through how I see the future of marketing and how that led me to join Certain. So why am I in?

5 Tips for Highly Engaging Event Experiences

+-*Why is it that over 1.35 billion people in the world are drawn to Facebook? How could such a seemingly simple platform be a portal that people spend an average of 21 minutes a day on? One reason: Engagement.

10 Awesome Infographics About Event Management

+-*Infographics can be a great way to learn because they blend images and facts and pare them down to a minimum. Here are some of our favorites related to event management.

The Changing Tide of Event Marketing

+-*Along the buying process, customers expect to be met with messaging and offers tailored to their unique relationship with a brand. Making this happen is the challenge of today’s revenue-minded marketer.

10 Predictions for Marketing & Events 2015

+-*As a new year rolls around so do the predictions for what this year will bring for event management and marketing. Here we present our thoughts on what’s coming this year.

How Technology is Changing the Way We Think About Event Management

+-*Technology is geared to meet the needs of marketing and event professionals and that opens up a whole new way of thinking about event management.

“Content for Conversion” Recap: Why Events Need Content Marketing

+-*In the webinar, Content for Conversion, Matt Heinz highlighted the importance of content marketing and exactly how you can leverage content before, during, and after each event.

Why Marketers Need a “Marketing-Centric” Event Management Platform

+-*Today, marketers AND event planners can benefit from marketing-centric platforms that deliver planning-related functionality and marketing-oriented features for customer engagement and revenue generation.

The 5 Best Ways to Drive Attendee Engagement at Every Event

+-*One of the biggest challenges event marketers face is attendee engagement. Here are five ways to help your event stand out and deliver clear value.

How to Make Sense of Attendee Data from Events

+-*The attendee data generated from events can go a long way toward furthering your organization’s marketing and business goals. However, a hang up occurs when this data is improperly collected and fails to be put to use in the post-event sales and marketing follow up process.

Why Events Fail

+-*While events can fail for many reasons, we contend that the main reason they most often fail is due to a one-size-fits-all approach. Various types of attendees participate in events. Yet many events deliver the same experience to all.

4 Big Reasons Attendees Fail to Return

+-*While there is no doubt you aim to fulfill both your organization’s and attendees’ objectives, why is it that some attendees return to a conference or event year after year while others are never to be seen again?

Always October

+-*For all of us involved in the event world it is “Always October”. We ended September with Oracle OpenWorld and the Oracle Marketing Cloud, and we’re starting off October with a bang.

Why Events are Left Out of the Integrated Marketing Mix

+-*While events make up more than one-quarter of an organization’s total marketing spend, this channel is too often cast aside as standalone programs. Why is this happening when marketers have truly become experts at integration?

The #1 Outcome Your CMO Expects from Events

+-*Organizations have many reasons for investing in events but according to a recent CMO Council and E2MA study, the bottom line is marketers view events as revenue-driving opportunities.

The #1 Key to a Successful Event App

+-*There are many considerations to make when choosing a mobile app for your events. The challenge is identifying what your attendees will find valuable.

5 Must-Have Features of Event Management Technology for Marketers

+-*As you explore options for event management that supports your marketing goals, consider these five essential event technology features.

Creating Powerful Event Experiences with Certain and Validar

+-*Event professionals and marketers are coming together to recognize how best to use events to move attendees along their buying path.

How Events Fuel Lead Generation

+-*Today’s event technology is helping companies capitalize on this attendee data by capturing it and feeding it into marketing automation help sales and marketing improve their demand gen results.

How to Demonstrate the Business Value of Events

+-*While marketing and sales teams believe events bring them closer to customers, it’s important to be able to deliver clear business impact. Here are three places you can look to demonstrate the positive business impact of events.

Become a Success Tips Insider

+-*As part of our ongoing efforts to help marketers and event professionals increase the business results of their events, we invite you to become a Success Tips Insider and take advantage of our series that provides critical pointers to ensure event success.

How Did One Event Make 13,000 Face-to-Face Business Meetings Happen?

+-*Certain’s appointment matching and scheduling technologies have been hard at work facilitating more than 13,000 face-to-face business meetings between participants of the AIBTM Exhibition in Orlando this week. The Americas …

When Marketing is about “Conversations, not Campaigns,” Events Matter

+-*Brian Kardon, CMO Lattice Engines, recently produced a nice summary of a discussion panel he moderated at the Market Marketing Nation, titled, “The CMO Revolution: From Focused Expert to Empowered …

7 Ways to Improve Sales & Marketing with Data from Events

+-*Through events—especially larger and more complex multi-session events, such as user conferences—companies can build deep meaningful attendee profiles while measuring engagement and gauging interests effectively. Today, the event technology used …

4 Steps to Transform the Check-In Experience

+-*Announcing the integration of the Certain platform with Certain Check In Easy, the leading mobile app that a simple and quick way to check in attendees. This integration provides Certain …

How to Choose the Right Event Management Platform for Your User Conference

+-*User conferences are designed to provide companies with unique opportunities to stay engaged with prospects and customers in a more intimate setting. By establishing stronger, more personal partnerships with people, …

How to Create Events that Cultivate Promoters

+-*Promoters are powerful people. So powerful, in fact, that the measurement of customers-to-promoters has been correlated to long-term revenue growth. The concept of promoters is popularized by Bain and Satmetrix …

Why Events Need to Be Tied to Marketing Automation

+-*Why marketing automation? Marketing relies on tools to match a company’s products and services to prospects and customers. The more information you possess on these individuals, the better chance you …

11 Must-Have Tools for User Conference Success

+-*As a user conference organizer, you face many challenges in satisfying the diverse needs of attendees, sponsors, and partners, while meeting your organization’s business goals. The right technology is essential. …