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How to Optimize Buyer Engagement with Personalized Lead Scoring

I just returned from Marketo Summit 2016 in Las Vegas. This wasn’t my first tour of duty, so I was pretty much expecting all of the usual suspects to deliver nuggets of wisdom—especially by marketing giants like Sanjay Dholakia, CMO of Marketo. And I wasn’t disappointed. However, I was looking for that rare session or two that is both groundbreaking and helpful. I finally found what I was looking for when  I stumbled into Jamie Gutfreund’s keynote on lead scoring, buyer engagement, and Generation Z, which was like a much-needed shot of espresso.

Why Event Automation is a Game-changer for Data-Driven Marketing

Recently, we announced the launch of event automation, a new software category. The launch of event automation is a marketing game-changer from event management, but in order to understand the significance of this, you need to understand how the event game has changed. So, how have events evolved over time, how has the marketing of events changed, and what are the ways that marketing and event automation platforms work together to gather rich attendee insights to fuel your marketing and sales pipelines to create conversions? Our Event Automation Primer breaks down these questions and answers them, so that you can find ways that event automation can help you use event data to drive measurable results.

#MME16 Recap: Tyra Teaches Marketers How to Make Bank at Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016

The Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016 was the embodiment of an event done right, so event marketers: take notes! It was informative, it was imaginative, and most of all, it was on-brand. What does that mean? Oracle’s event showcased the talented speakers (shout-out to Tyra Banks!), panelists, and sessions that are representative of their brand values. Oracle highlighted a customer first experience, and each presenter spoke in their own voice, from Zach King's "Curiosity, Clean, Contagious" to Sears' marketing mantra of "Recognize, Remember, Relate, Recommend.” Whether you were attending a session or a keynote, the overarching message I received is that the Oracle Marketing Cloud is committed to helping its customers transform their organizations so that they can relate to their customers with authenticity. If I were to summarize the theme of the conference, it would be: Oracle realized its brand promise through excellent execution of their event and amplified their customers’ voices.

Marketing Automation Best Practices and Keys to Event Success

Previously, I covered the 7 Top Challenges that Marketing Automation Eliminates and how marketing automation gives you a true 360-degree view of the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle. Now that you understand how messy data, too many systems, and IT dependence can hinder the success of marketers, I want to dive into best practices in order for your marketing and event automation systems to work well together. Then, I’ll discuss next steps, and inform you of the ways that you will be able to use EventStream to further streamline your workflow.

Event Automation: Where Marketing Automation Meets Event Management

Earthquakes are on the minds of most Californians and especially those of us who live or work in San Francisco.  Our Event Automation announcement today reflects a provocative,  tectonic shift that cuts across the marketing automation and event management landscape and redefines how marketers can drive predictable and measurable results at scale.

What the Rise of Influencer Marketing Means for Data-Driven Marketers

Did you know that Google classifies the keyword “Influencer Marketing” as a breakout phrase, experiencing growth levels of over 5,000%? What does this mean and why should you care?

Influencer Marketing is a game-changer in both the content marketing and data-driven marketing landscape, enabling brands to grow their brand awareness, harness the power of word-of-mouth on social media, and to track, measure, and analyze their influence.

7 Top Marketing Challenges that Marketing Automation Eliminates

Welcome to Marketing and Event Automation 360: Our 3-part series on marketing automation and event automation integration. Join Mike Earley, Certain’s Product Manager, as he analyzes the top marketing challenges that data-driven marketers face, and how event and marketing automation can eliminate these pain-points.  This 3-part feature will kick-off our Event and Marketing Automation Benchmark report, where we provide detailed industry metrics on how marketers are currently using event and marketing automation.

How to Define Your Marketing and Event Automation Readiness for Event Success

With 3,874 different types of marketing technologies, the marketing technology space is exploding. Now more than ever, marketers are purchasing software designed to help them be successful, but do they have the proper resources, infrastructure, or processes in place to ensure success? According to the Marketing Automation Trends Survey, 52% of marketers say their most significant barrier to marketing automation success is the lack of an effective strategy.