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#MKTGPOV Twitter Chat Team Meet Certain's Twitter Chat Team: Lynn Langmade, Director of Marketing Communications, Kent Martin, Social Media Specialist, Michelle Threadgould, Senior Copywriter, and Taylor Tomlin, Graphic Designer. Stay tuned for information by us on our monthly Twitter Chat series #MKTGPOV.

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How to Fill Your Marketing Funnel by Getting Event Attendees to Stop and Stay at Your Booth

Matt Heinz’s #MKTGPOV Twitter Chat was a gait-stopper. (No we didn’t misspell that, keep reading!) He gave us insights into how to stop attendees in their tracks at events, how to effectively engage prospects, and how to follow-up to drive lead conversion. But more than insights, Matt gave us actionable tips. He provided us with ways that you can target attendees before the event, how to talk to prospects at the event, cater and personalize your message to your leads, provide personalized follow-up, and how to use events to nurture sales qualified leads.

Ann Handley’s 4 Cardinal Rules of Event Content Strategy

Ann Handley threw it down at Certain’s first Twitter Chat #MKTGPOV: How to Slay Event Mediocrity with Killer Content with our Director of Marketing Communications, Lynn Langmade. Thank you to everyone who participated! We cut our teeth learning about the best practices for slay-worthy content to increase event ROI, tips on how to create engaging sessions, and what to avoid at all costs at an event. #HowToAvoidEventMarketingDisaster