Event Mobile App

What’s Your Event App Missing?

Events play an important role in any marketing effort and a successful event means higher ROI and an increase in attendee engagement. In order for events to be successful, the right strategies and support need to be in place, whether it’s new event tech, Event Automation, or a great venue. But what’s an event’s best friend? An Event App.

50 Standout Event Technology Statistics

In today’s digital world, leveraging data gathered from event technology (like statistics) is the key to achieving higher ROI. Marketers can utilize new trends in event technology, like event apps and event automation, to increase attendee engagement, collect rich attendee data, and provide attendees with what they desire: an informative and enjoyable user experience.

How to Leverage Windows 10 to Improve Your Event App Experience [Event Marketing Case Study]

Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Microsoft and the Certain Check-In Event App, which works across all Windows 10 devices. Now, event marketers, demand generation specialists, and event planners can take advantage of Windows 10 features like Cortana and Continuum for an improved user experience. So, how can you leverage Windows 10 to improve your experience on the Certain platform?

Swipe Left to Enter the New Frontier in Events

Next time you’re planning an event with a spectacular location, speakers, and content, swipe left with Certain integrated event check-in.

How to Make a “Big Bang”: Spark Engagement and Ignite Fireworks at Your Next Event

Get marketing and event planning tips to drive attendee engagement and maximize business value at your events. Download a new tip sheet.

How Technology is Changing the Way We Think About Event Management

Technology is geared to meet the needs of marketing and event professionals and that opens up a whole new way of thinking about event management.

The #1 Key to a Successful Event App

There are many considerations to make when choosing a mobile app for your events. The challenge is identifying what your attendees will find valuable.