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Published in Demand Generation category on (02/09/2017)

4 Ways to Drive Breakthrough Results from Events [Webinar]

How do you drive breakthrough results from your events? While many companies tend to focus on everything leading up to an event like driving registrations, managing logistics and doing event setup, you should always keep in mind the ultimate goal—delivering leads and generating demand. So with that in mind, and the events season starting in earnest, I thought I would share some best practices of how you can drive breakthrough results from your events program

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Published in Event Management category on (10/26/2016)

Sneak Peek of Forrester Event Research

Have you ever heard, “events accelerate the buyer’s journey” and wondered… how? You’re not alone, and new Forrester research, which we will be sharing in our webinar: 5 Minutes to Pipeline: How to Convert Event Buying Signals into Revenue, will provide you with actionable intelligence to do just that.

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