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event lead followup

Published in Event Management category on (08/17/2017)

Certain Survey Reveals Insights Into Event Lead Follow Up

Event Lead Follow Up – What’s Working?

We’re heading into that time of the year again, the Fall tech event season, when people from all over the world descend upon the Bay Area for the biggest tech conferences in the world. Dreamforce alone attracted more than 170,000 people into San Francisco last year, and with all the time, preparation, stress and of course money being spent on these in-person events, there’s one thing that will be on everyone’s minds: will event follow up be successful and will the payoff be worth the investment?

To understand the all-important event ROI more closely, we commissioned a survey of 150 marketing decision-makers at B2B organizations with 1,000 or more employees that sponsor or host two or more events each year to find out how they’re doing on event lead follow up. More specifically, what’s working, what’s not and why?

Over 70% of B2B Marketers Lack Automation

We’re happy to report that the data is in and the results may surprise you. For instance, we were shocked to see that an overwhelming majority (73 percent) of marketers still rely on manual data capture for events and are aware that this lack of automation is contributing to a lag in following up with leads. Other findings show the time that marketers take to follow up; how leads are divvied up among marketing and sales teams; and the number of people an organization relies on within lead follow up. In the whitepaper, you’ll be able to read more and see how all the dots connect to show intriguing insights, such as a clear dissatisfaction with current lead follow up methods, increasing pressure to convert those leads to customers and the need for more data to improve leads.

All of the raw data as well as some insights are in our new white paper “Closing the Loop: Crunching Numbers on Event Lead Follow Up”There’s also data from this report in our press release. As the Fall tech event season gets into full swing, check back on our blog for more insights into event automation.

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