Event Automation: The New Fuel Igniting Your Data-Driven Marketing Machine [Infographic]


BMW may deliver the ultimate driving machine, but marketers are delivering that same type of power and excitement to data-driven marketing campaigns by applying techniques fueled with rich engagement data to deliver highly personalized and engaging events to drive revenue. Like the driving machine that is fueled with gasoline, the ultimate marketing machine is fueled by data – from marketing automation databases rich with historical data, the system of record for marketers, to event automation solutions, which capture attendee points of engagement from invitation to registration to interactions at the event.

Your event marketing journey begins with segmenting your audience. Who are you trying to engage, and what does the map of their travel through your event looks like? The most successful events are ones where the marketer understands the possible paths for each attendee (segment) and directs that journey to desired outcomes.

Along the journey, accelerate the sales cycle and refuel the machine with interest and engagement scores from customized registration forms and attendee engagement behavior. This gives the marketer the power to anticipate needs, suggest the next steps and deliver a personalized experience.

The marketing machine shifts smoothly into high gear and continues as the data flows into the combustion engine of CRM – enabling your sales organization with insights on attendee interests and behavior patterns, across ALL marketing channels.

Finally, evaluate your fuel economy with analytics tools. And since you have full end-to-end insights, you know which marketing events drove how much revenue and can make informed decisions about your next marketing investment – with or without that 1% APR offer!

Our latest infographic offers an owner’s manual to optimize your marketing machine. So start your engine here:



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