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Taking Your User Conference Beyond the Basics - 02/01/2021

Taking Your User Conference Beyond the Basics

In many circles, a key indicator of an organization’s success is its ability to support a user conference. The user conference is a highly-visible event that reflects on your organization’s brand and reputation while providing a basis for engaging customers and prospects through unique opportunities that allow for firsthand product insight and understanding. When executed […] (Read More)

75 Event Marketing Statistics / Ways of Measuring Event Success - 01/17/2021

75 Event Marketing Statistics / Ways of Measuring Event Success

Have you asked yourself: what is holding my company back from increasing revenue from events? We’ve compiled a list of 75 Stellar Event Marketing Statistics so that you can see where your company measures up in the world of event marketing, what you could be doing differently, and what tools can help you turn your events from cost centers to money generators. These stats provide event marketers with benchmarks, so that event marketers can gage where they need to focus their efforts and improve. Once you have these stats in your marketing arsenal, you can use them to up your event marketing game and achieve Event Success. (Read More)

Hybrid Event Planning & Execution: A Few Critical Considerations - 10/20/2020

hybrid event planning

Hybrid Event Planning & Execution With events going fully-digital in 2020, the prospect of re-introducing the in-person element to events is becoming an exciting (albeit a little scary) reality for planners and marketers. Though people are certainly craving that face-to-face experience, in-person gatherings will be small scale and largely local for the foreseeable future – and […] (Read More)

Promoting Engagement with an Event Mobile App - 06/17/2020

event mobile app

One of the main reasons why live events have been so successful over the years is because they give people a unique opportunity to meet and network face-to-face with their peers. While this has certainly suffered in recent times due to the absence of in-person events, there’s no reason why you can’t still encourage or […] (Read More)

How ABM Strategy Leads to Sales and Marketing Alignment - 05/12/2020

sales and marketing alignment

What’s your Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, and how would you describe the relationship between your sales and marketing teams? In survey, 84% of sales and marketing teams are misaligned, which means that the majority of B2B companies do not have a symbiotic relationship. While sales and marketing teams have the same goals to generate revenue, the two are often misaligned in how they perform analysis, and measure success differently. This misalignment can create a deeper divide between the two teams, and a work environment where both teams blame each other when goals are not met. So how can an effective account based marketing (ABM) strategy help create sales and marketing alignment so that selling can feel like a team sport? (Read More)

Driving Results from Digital Events at Scale - 05/04/2020

certain digital

May 04, 2020 — San Francisco, CA — Certain, the industry leader in enterprise event automation, today announced the release of Certain Digital, its newest digital events solution. With this new solution, Certain empowers marketers to deliver truly engaging experiences and connect with attendees virtually through its enterprise-grade event automation platform and seamless integrations with leading […] (Read More)

The Shift from In-Person Events to Digital Events in Action - 04/02/2020

in-person events to digital events

With all of the uncertainty and turmoil around COVID-19 and its impact on both the global economy and events industry, Certain has been moving quickly to offer a solution to support businesses as they navigate the best way forward for their events programs. This includes a recent partnership with ON24, and developing off-the-shelf integrations with major […] (Read More)

Leaders of Event Strategy: The Shifting Role of Event Planners - 02/28/2020

corporate event management

Event planners often wear many hats – from conducting venue research and negotiating contracts, to building event websites and program agendas. As a project management and logistics-heavy role, the opportunity is great for event planners to be able to leverage the data and insights they have into the run-of-show to make strategic recommendations for the […] (Read More)

4 Tips for Choosing an Event Pricing Model - 02/13/2020

event pricing strategies

Deciding on an event pricing structure for your events can be a tricky task. How you price your events can play a crucial role in the relationship between your attendees and events, so it often comes down to balancing the business objectives for your event with the motivations of your prospective attendees. Easier said than […] (Read More)

How to Use Email Marketing to Drive Event Attendance in 2020 - 02/04/2020

email marketing

Event marketing and email marketing are two separate entities — they just happen to work incredibly well together.  When it comes to marketing your events, email is anything but outdated. In fact, it’s extremely effective. This holds even more truth in the world of B2B marketing, where email is almost always the first choice for […] (Read More)

What it Means to Be a Data Savvy Event Marketer 2020 - 01/07/2020

event marketing data

Marketing has evolved to become the voice of the customer, business strategy and growth. The CMO role itself is expanding to encompass the roles of chief experience officers, chief growth officers, and even chief digital officers. Every marketing channel is being transformed by this evolution and expectations are high to deliver the best possible customer […] (Read More)

Best Mobile Event App Use Cases, Part Two: Internal Events - 10/03/2019

event app

With events playing such a crucial role in marketing strategies today, businesses are constantly evaluating new ways to engage attendees and deliver on business outcomes. Event mobile app usage is one of the major solutions that companies are turning to to help drive these results, with the number of event planners employing an event app […] (Read More)

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