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Guide & Brand Assets

Certain Brand Guide


Explore our digital brand guide for various Certain logos and brand assets. This resource will continue to grow as our new brand expands into everything from our marketing materials, our products, all the way to our internal documents.


Primary Lockup

Main Logo

Our main logo lockup. This should be the logo used for almost all of our use cases. In order to maintain the integrity of the logo, maintain a minimum clear space from other graphic elements at all times.



Secondary Lockups

Target Logo

The Target is the most truncated form of the logo and can be used when an icon or more casual/minimal form is necessary. It will act as our mascot and can be used on various branding/marketing elements like t-shirts, social media badges, etc. Do not create additional lockups from the individual elements.



Secondary Lockups

Stacked Logo

The stacked logo will be the least used form of the logo, but allows the logo to consolidate into a square format while retaining the name of the brand. This lockup’s application will typically be for a sponsor’s grid where other logos take on a square format. Do not create additional lockups from the individual elements.



Primary Color Palette

Secondary Color Palette


Logo Alternates

Product Suite

Our Products

Product Suite

Product Alternates


Brand Assets


Brand Text Styles

Basic text styles used throughout our various branding, marketing and internal materials.


Subtitle Small / Open Sans (18px)

Subtitle Large / Open Sans (20px)

Headline Small / Raleway (20px)

Headline Medium / Raleway (34px)

Headline Large / Raleway (38px)

Accent/Link Color

Body Copy Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.


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