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Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation improves efficiency & lead quality with Certain


In-person events are a highly strategic marketing channel for Rockwell Automation, a Fortune 500 provider of industrial automation and information technology. Using Certain, Rockwell has greatly reduced time spent managing global events by developing a well defined strategy for attendee engagement during and post event.

“Certain has made it possible for us to establish and implement a system for managing global event data that our teams really trust.”

Brad West, Global Technology Manager, Rockwell Automation


Fragmented Events Program

The Issue

Playing host to over 200 events and over 30,000 event registrants per year—in nine different languages—Rockwell struggled to measure results from their events due to a highly decentralized way of managing their global events.

Because each global region was free to choose their own way of managing events, Rockwell was left with fragmented and inconsistent data, leads that weren’t being followed up on, and an inability to measure or deliver ROI.


Working with Certain

The Solution

Understanding how critical it is for sales and marketing to be able to effectively interpret and act on data in real time, Rockwell implemented Certain Platform and Touchpoint as their go-to event automation and mobile solution.

“Registration forms are the gateway to our events. With over 30,000 event registrations per year, this is a prime source for us to capture critical information that we use to drive overall marketing segmentation and personas. We found that Certain’s built-in form capabilities—with their powerful form builder and logic capabilities—was really the best option for us, and provided the best user experience.”

Brad West, Global Technology Manager


A single, global platform

The Transformation

  • Rockwell first moved to centralize the ownership of event and data management across all global regions, gaining buy-in and support by showcasing the increase in results they could expect with the use of Certain as a single, global platform.
  • They then implemented global standards and governance to ensure consistency across all regions.
  • Working with Certain, Rockwell then formulated an event data strategy that would help them meet their aggressive event goals.

Get your sales teams the event leads before cocktail hour!

Rockwell is able to provide their sales team with event leads in real time to ensure attendee follow up is timely and relevant.


Improved Efficiency & Lead Follow Up

The Results

Rockwell has seen major operational efficiency improvement including reduced time to set up and execute events via templates. Templates generated in Certain mean a consistent, brand-compliant experience for all Rockwell event attendees across the globe.

“By standardizing our lead capture through Certain, we’ve managed to completely digitize and automate the process. That means no more spreadsheets, no more paper leads, and higher quality data. This is a huge win for Rockwell.”

Brad West, Global Technology Manager


Automating the process

Consistent, Quality Data & Leads

Rockwell is now capturing a consistent set of data that delivers results. They’ve automated a number of previously manual processes including:

  • Lead capture
  • Entering leads into MA/CRM
  • Event communications

This has allowed different regions to focus on higher value activities, such as the content delivered in an event and ensuring attendees have an incredible experience.


Real-time action

Empowering Sales & Marketing

Most importantly, by centralizing the ownership of events and deploying Certain, Rockwell has seen a massive improvement in the quality of leads that have come from events.

As a result, Rockwell’s sales team is empowered to follow up on valuable event leads in real time.


Event Data Strategy

The Foundation for Event Success

Rockwell is able to hand-pick what information will be collected prior to, during and after an event to best drive their marketing and sales efforts, leveraging Certain to capture attendee engagement data such as:

  • Session Registration & Session Attendance
  • Active Need
  • Contact Requested
  • Product Interests

Once data from events is routed to Eloqua, via Certain’s native integration, and on to their CRM, Rockwell uses the engagement data to personalize follow up.



Certain Signal: Event Data in Action

The key to delivering a truly personalized attendee experience lies in quality data collected before and during an event. See how Certain's industry-first, real-time event data platform helps you navigate through high volumes of data in order to identify what really matters most to important prospects and customers.


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