Marketing Automation Integrations

Bring Event Metrics into Marketing Automation

Since conferences and events take place in the offline world, traditionally it has been difficult to measure and prove their effectiveness. Certain’s native, bi-directional integrations with Oracle|Eloqua and Marketo bridge this data chasm.

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Share Data between Certain and Your MA System

Certain’s solution includes true bi-directional integrations, not just connectors. This means you won’t need to download a spreadsheet from one system and upload it into another- the integration does it for you. Now you can treat events just like you do your other marketing campaigns.

  • Use data you already have in your MA system to segment attendees and personalize their experience
  • Data captured at the event is fed back into MA in real-time, letting you put it to use quickly with no extra work

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Your attendees tell you a lot about themselves by what they do at your event. We’ll help you enhance your lead scoring by sending this valuable info to your MA system where you can immediately put it to work.

  • Capture activity data like sessions attended, demos viewed, meetings with sales, etc
  • Set up pre-configured MA campaigns to encourage attendees to take the next step, while they’re still at your event
  • Hyper-target post event follow up based on everything the attendee did at your event

Credible ROI

All marketers know the challenges of arriving at an accurate ROI number. This is especially true for offline activities like events. With Certain, you can deliver a credible ROI number to your CMO and CFO.

  • Believable ROI’s must be calculated in MA or other analytics system
  • Incorporate campaign data provided by Certain, and revenue data (often provided by CRM) into attribution and ROI calculations in Oracle|Eloqua and Marketo

Bring Your Offline Programs into MA to Enhance Results and Prove ROI

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