Nurture Campaigns

Turbo Charge Your Nurture Campaigns

Increase the effectiveness of your nurture campaigns using all the event data Certain has collected.

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Create Campaigns Ahead of Time

No need to wait until your event is over to create your follow-up campaigns. With Certain’s marketing automation integrations, you can plan them out ahead of time.

  • Set up nurture campaigns before your event
  • Create triggers that will automatically fire when certain actions are taken by an attendee, like attendance at a particular session
  • Certain syncs the event data in real time, automating your follow-up


Never again send out a “thanks for attending our event” email. Sync Certain’s event data with your marketing automation to hyper-target your follow-up campaigns.

  • Create nurture tracks for different topics or product lines that will activate if the participant attends a specific session
  • Gather data on what the attendee did today, and suggest activities for tomorrow
  • Follow up differently with someone who attended three sessions and and a demo on product A than with someone who showed interest in several products or who attended only keynotes
  • Follow up with answers to an attendee’s specific questions that were captured by Certain’s event mobile app during a session

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with Hyper-Targeted Nurture Campaigns

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