Online Event Registration Software

Streamline the Registration Process

Personalizing an event starts at the very beginning, by showcasing your brand and collecting valuable attendee information. Registration is the critical moment when an attendee commits to your event, and a smooth process facilitated by Certain's online event registration software will set the right tone.

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Deliver Personalized Experiences

During registration, you can combine everything you already know about your attendee from your CRM or MA system with information you collect on your form to create a personalized and effective experience for each attendee.

  • Define ‘attendee types’ such as Prospect, Customer, Exhibitor, and Speaker to segment attendees and create website and registration pages that help them personalize their event experience.
  • Prepopulate registration forms with data from CRM or marketing automation systems, preventing attendees from having to enter info you already know. This frees you to ask more specific, event-related questions.
  • Use logic-driven registration forms to assign distinct registration paths to attendee types, so registrants answer only questions relevant to them.
  • Offer suggestions for content, sessions and activities relevant to the attendee type and their interests.

Access Detailed Reporting

Collect all the data you need, securely and accurately.

  • Collect and verify all registration details automatically.
  • Access attendee information from the cloud-based platform, at any time.
  • Run custom or ad hoc reports to track registrations.
  • Provide executives or third-party vendors links to secure reports so they can stay up-to-date on attendees lists or travel and accommodations change reports.

Manage the Revenue Securely

  • Transfer funds directly to your merchant account with Certain’s secure payment processing.
  • Be confident in the privacy of financial data – Certain is PCI-DSS 2.0 compliant and keeps attendee credit card data secure.

Actionable Event Data Starts With a Well-Designed Registration Process

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