Scheduled Appointments

Create Connections

You want to meet with customers, prospects and partners. Your attendees want to meet with you and network with each other. Make all this happen with Certain's appointment scheduling capabilities.

You’ll always know what’s going on at your event. Who’s meeting with whom? Are people getting the meetings they most want? Which attendees are the “hottest tickets” in terms of meeting requests? Did a person no-show or were they rated highly? Easy-to-use reports give you instant answers to these questions and more.

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Fill Your Sales Staff’s Calendars

Oftentimes sales is invited to attend the event only if they can show they have appointments booked. Make sure they have full calendars ahead of time.

  • Using profile data, match salespeople or product experts to attendees by product interest, purchase stage, or other criteria
  • Set rules to govern who can meet with whom, when and where the meetings will take place, and matching priority
  • Certain’s matching engine will create a schedule of mutually beneficial meetings, with no extra work on your part
  • Detailed reporting can be automatically synced with your MA or CRM systems to be used for targeted follow-up

Facilitate Networking

Building professional connections is one of the key goals of event attendees. Self-scheduled appointments allow you to provide value to attendees by facilitating networking between participants.

  • Attendees can filter and search for other participants with whom they’d like to meet on their personalized event site or via Certain’s mobile app
  • Attendees then request who they’d like to meet with
  • If both parties want to meet, the request will become a confirmed meeting on each party’s calendar
  • As with matched appointments, you can set rules on who can meet with whom

Increase Engagement and Attendee Satisfaction with Appointments

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