Session Polling and Q&A

Get Your Attendees Involved in Sessions

Now that you have some great content for your sessions, the next step is to ensure that your audience is engaged and participating. Certain has three ways to get your audience involved, all accessible through the event mobile app.

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Nothing perks people up quite like asking for their opinion. With Certain’s polling capabilities, speakers can pre-create polls to launch during their presentation, and gather key data about audience interests.

  • Collect information from your audience on demographics, or which issues their business is facing, or their expectations for the session, for example
  • Use this learning to tailor the live presentation to make sure it’s relevant
  • Don’t let this key data go to waste - sync it to each attendee’s marketing automation or CRM profile


Finally, a more organized way to get audience questions without sending someone around with a microphone!

  • Attendees can ask questions via the mobile app without interrupting the presentation
  • Participants can see what questions have already been asked, and upvote them so the speaker will know which to answer first
  • Questions can be moderated to eliminate irrelevance or negativity
  • As with polling, these questions can be synced to the asker’s profile, guiding your sales team on specific follow-up

Session Surveys

Don’t wait until your attendees go home to get their feedback- ask them right at the session while it’s still fresh in their minds.

  • Launch satisfaction surveys at the end of each session
  • Get ratings on the quality of speakers and topics

Get Your Attendees Involved in Their Sessions with Certain’s Mobile Capabilities

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