Drive Leads & Revenue from Events

The enterprise Event Automation platform that delivers credible ROI for data-driven marketers.

Certain is the data-driven marketer’s Event Automation platform, giving you everything you need to connect with attendees through personalized engagement and increase revenue from events. We know you need to show the value of your events, and Certain can help you prove it.

Certain’s two-way integration with marketing automation systems, including OMC/Eloqua, Marketo, and Salesforce, increases the importance of events by making them a key part of your overall cross-channel marketing programs:

  • Leverage existing segmentation for event registration and pre-event marketing
  • Create cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on attendee activities, such as session attendance
  • Launch triggered campaigns during events that are highly personalized based on the buying signals revealed by attendee activities
  • Send highly personalized follow-ups to attendees utilizing these buying signals to create leads and shorten the sales cycle
  • Incorporate all of this attendee data back into your marketing automation system for use in other campaigns
  • Leverage event data into the ROI and attribution calculations of your marketing automation and analytics systems

The result? The Certain solution allows data-driven marketers to demonstrate that events are as valuable to your organization’s bottom line as your digital marketing activities.

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Enrich lead scoring by bringing events into the digital ecosystem.

Bring critical attendee data, such as registration form interests, session choices, and attendance into marketing automation to enrich lead scoring and engagement. Pre-configure triggered email campaigns based on attendee activities at your event.

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Achieve ROI by capturing deep attendee insights.

Certain helps your events contribute valuable information and insights about attendees that your team can use to better segment, target, score, and nurture prospects and leads. Engage prospects based on segmentation, funnel stage, and attendee event data, including registration form interests and session choices/attendance. (See how CA Technologies does it.)

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Increase attendee engagement with personalized experiences.

Leverage fully integrated mobile to deliver personalized attendee experiences and engagement with personalized agendas, real-time communications, live polling, and Q&A. Deliver matched, pre-scheduled, and self-scheduled appointments to let attendees meet with your company and each other to achieve event goals.

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Find out how Certain can improve your events.

Find out how Certain can improve your events.

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