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Virtual Events

Create compelling, engaging digital events


Your audience consumes content differently online. Build dynamic, interactive digital experiences that lead to higher attendee engagement with Certain.

Certain Digital

Why Certain Digital for your virtual events?

Engage your attendees anywhere

With Certain Digital, you can create engaging virtual event experiences for your attendees no matter where they are.


Engaging Experiences

Create genuine connections with your audience

Foster an immersive, interactive and personal experience for your attendees completely online.

  • Attendee to attendee or host to attendee messaging
  • Add polls, surveys and gamification to your virtual events
  • Personalize the attendee experience by recommending sessions and content unique to that individual

Certain Digital


Turn Engagement into Leads

Generate higher quality leads from your virtual events

Use engagement insights like sessions attended, content consumed and surveys completed to inform your follow up.

  • Gain greater insights on how your attendees engage with you
  • Send relevant offers pre, during and post event based on attendee engagement
  • Create custom journeys for your attendees

Certain Digital


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Personalize event experiences and provide meaningful connections that accelerate your business goals.

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